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  1. jody-jazz-power-ring-ligature
    "Besides loving the freer blowing aspect and heftier sound of the POWER RING, I love the pure simplicity of it. I just slide it over the reed and lock it in by pushing down firmly,” said Jody Espina, JodyJazz President and designer of the POWER RING Ligature. Learn More
  2. yamaha-ycl-622ii-bass-clarinet

    Regular Price: AU$13,299.00

    Special Price AU$9,995.00

    The rich warm sound of Grenadilla wood is extended to low C on this top-of-the-line bass clarinet. Learn More
  3. besson-e12-thumb-rest
    E12 Clarinet Thumb Rest. Learn More
  4. besson-b12-thumb-rest
    B12 Clarinet Thumb Rest. Learn More
  5. yamaha-ycl-gsahl-clarinet

    Regular Price: AU$7,499.00

    Special Price AU$5,999.00


    The Upper Joint

    The barrel is shorter than on conventional clarinets allowing a longer upper joint (approximately 10mm longer). This gives a more balanced, natural feeling response, and helps add focus to its colorful tone.

    The Body

    The CSG features a body of the highest grade each piece of African grenadilla is individually test selected and carefully seasoned using Yamaha's vast experience with fine woods. The natural finish is attractive and actually contributes to the tonal richness.

    The Bell

    The solid Grenadilla bell has no metal ring on the rim to enhance the natural warmth and resonance of the sound, and improve the playing flexibility.

    Special Pads

    Pad resonators add clarity to the tone when the key is closed.

    Learn More
  6. yamaha-ycl-csgiiihl-clarinet

    Regular Price: AU$6,599.00

    Special Price AU$5,279.00


    Bell and Barrel

    Slightly plump barrel and thick-walled bell produce a deep tone with rich resonance.

    Improved key shape with Yamaha original silver-plating

    Ergonomically-designed new key shape offers comfortable and natural key touch. Yamaha-original silver-plating is applied on them, allowing a focused and centered sound.

    New Eb lever


    A newly shaped Eb lever is adopted as a standard, along which the entire mechanism is totally re-designed as well.

    Pads made of cork and leather

    Cork pads and leather pads are optimally placed to maximize on their tonal quality, touch and functionality.

    New toneholes

    New toneholes maximize superior tone quality, even intonation and a uniformed response throughout the full range of the instrument.

    New optional low E/F correction key


    Yamaha original intonation correction mechanism inspired by the Oehler system (German style) clarinet is available to control low E and F note. This system assures natural finger control, excellent feel and playability.

    Learn More
  7. yamaha-ycl-681ii-e-flat-clarinet

    Regular Price: AU$5,299.00

    Special Price AU$4,239.00

    Professional Series Eb Clarinet, Key: Eb, 42 mm barrel, Grenadilla body, Silver-plated keys, Silver-plated ligature and mouthpiece cap. Learn More
  8. buffet-r13gl-bb-a-clarinet
    Key : Sib and A
    Pitch : 440 Hz
    Body : carefully selected, treated and stained African blackwood
    Bore : poly-cylindrical according to the Buffet Crampon method
    Keys : 17
    Rings : 6
    Thumb rest : adjustable, enabling the use of a neck strap
    Keywork finish : silver plated or nickel silver
    Springs : blue steel springs for ease and accuracy of key movement
    Pads : superior quality, double fish skin
    Learn More
  9. buffet-tosca-a-flat-clarinet

    Regular Price: AU$16,089.00

    Special Price AU$10,599.00

    Endowed with rich harmony and a unique sonority, the Tosca clarinet’s timbre and fullness are exceptional. Its ease of response and flexibility and its high level of comfort are qualities that distinguish it from other clarinets, and that constitute the very essence of this clarinet, one of the R13 line. It is available in Bb, A and Eb, in grenadilla wood or in the Green LinE composite material. Learn More
  10. selmer-paris-10s-clarinet
    Secondhand Selmer Paris Series 10S Clarinet. Learn More

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