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  1. yamaha-ysl-154-student-trombone

    Regular Price: AU$1,499.00

    Special Price AU$1,035.00

    Best Student model in Australia. Learn More
  2. secondhand-yamaha-ysl-640-trombone
    Secondhand Yamaha YSL-640 Trombone on Consignment. Comes with case and mouthpiece. Learn More
  3. pbuzz

    Regular Price: AU$49.95

    Special Price AU$19.95

    Introducing a fun, new musical instrument – pBuzz

    More eye-catching than a recorder, lighter than a drum and easier to play than a xylophone – pBuzz makes for a magical, musical playtime

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  4. olds-ambassador-trombone
    Secondhand Olds Ambassador Trombone. Learn More
  5. bobcat-mouthpiece-puller
    Don't get stuck without your Bobcat Mouthpiece Puller. Learn More
  6. yamaha-ysl-354v-trombone

    Regular Price: AU$2,999.00

    Special Price AU$2,195.00

    Yamaha's standard model valve trombone provides the rich noble tone of a trombone, but with the quick clean action of piston valves for those unfamiliar with slide positions.

    Learn More
  7. berp-trombone-and-euphonium-no.3

    Time to berp

    1. Clamp The Berp onto the receiver. Play the starting pitch on your instrument, then place the mouthpiece in The Berp and buzz the exercise like a siren or glissando.
    2. Buzz the exercise again, but this time center each pitch and press your instrument’s valves down or move the slide to the notes that you are playing. When you play The Berp, practice making the beginning and ending pitch sound (resonate) the same. Correct sound production will result when the air leads the way, whether ascending or descending.
    3. Finally, play the exercise on your instrument with the same energy you used to make a consistent buzz. The embouchure should feel more relaxed than when buzzing in order to get a free, resonating sound. Always alternate between the berp and playing your instrument, to gain ear training benefits and strengthen your embouchure.

    This exercise can be started on either open partials up and/or down. Practice with the
    same routine.


    Sample exercise

    You’ll get a lot more out of this buzzing exercise if you read the information about the Breath Awareness Tool first.

    If you practice this routine on a daily basis, you’ll gain many benefits of working with the berp.

    • Play slowly
    • Use the top treble line for trumpet, horn, and cornet
    • Use the bottom bass line for trombone, euphonium, and tuba
    Learn More
  8. bach-50af3-bass-trombone

    Regular Price: AU$11,679.00

    Special Price AU$9,295.00

    Bach Professional Model 50AF3 Bass Trombone Learn More
  9. yamaha-ysl-697z-tenor-trombone

    Regular Price: AU$3,499.00

    Special Price AU$2,699.00

    Professional Series, Key: Bb, Bore: Dual: 12.29-12.45mm (0.484-0.490"), Bell: Yellow-brass, 190.4mm (7 1/2"), Weight: Standard, Outer slide: Yellow brass, Inner slide: Nickel silver, Finish: Gold lacquer Learn More
  10. Schagerl-AT700-Alto-Trombone
    Schagerl AT700 Alto Trombone. Learn More

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