Hohner Meisterklasse 580


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Hohner Meisterklasse 580
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Modular Conception All components (comb, reedplate and covers) are assembled with screws and are interchangeable with all Hohner diatonic MS models. All components may be purchased individually.
Design New dimensions and new cover design improves the ergonomic handling, enhances the tonality and ensures the stability and integrity of the instrument.
Improved Reed Tolerance Fully automatic production allows for a closer tolerance between the reed tongue and slot. The resulting increased compression guarantees improved response, higher volume and easier bending.
Optimal Tonality Brilliant tone, outstanding response and long life are assured through the development of a new reed series with optimal reed profile and dimension throughout.
New Harp Case The sturdy new case fits easily in the pocket and provides good protectin along with proper ventilation, allowing the instrument to dry out gradually after playing."


Hohner's all-metal top-of-the-range diatonic, "The most exclusive mdel in the MS range" (Hohner Web site) The only Hohner diatonic harmonica with an anodised aluminium comb for added brightness and clarity. Significantly more responsive to play in the upper registers and more resonant in the lower registers than 'standard' diatonics.

"The first time I put a Meisterklasse to my lips I knew things were going to be different from then on!" Dane Clarke (Harp player for Headland and The Gypsy Tarts)

If you've only ever played Special 20s or Lee Oskars then there's a whole new wold of harmonica experience awaiting you with the Hohner Meisterklasse. Gain speed, control and tone you just couldn't master with 'standard' diatonics. It's an experience any diatonic player will never forget! The Hohner Meisterklasse is one of the new Hohner MS Diatonic Series. "The initials MS stand for Modular System, an integral concept in harmonica design from Hohner. It consists of a coordinated system which allows for improved playing and handling and simplified maintenance. This modular concept also enables the player to customize the instrument to suit specific tonal or performance needs.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Name Hohner Meisterklasse 580
Manufacturer Hohner