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La Tromba Cork/ Slide Grease


An ideal grease for the care of tenon joints on woodwind instruments. It protects the corks from moisture, remains smooth and all this by ideal lubricating properties. 15g

Monster Valve Oil Smoother


Monster Oil Brass Instrument Lubricants are developed BY players FOR players using the latest technology in synthetic oils and lubricants. They even use NASA technology!! These products have been tested by, and are now used exclusively by brass masters including Doc Severinsen, Arturo Sandoval and Joe Alessi.


Yamaha Rotor Oil

$16.95 $15.25

Yamaha Rotor oil is specifically designed to lubricate and protect the interior surfaces of rotary valves.

Yamaha Trombone Slide Oil


New Bottle – Yamaha trombone slide lubricant features an advanced formula specially designed to offer long-lasting performance and unmatched slide action.