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Buffet Divine A Clarinet

$12,199.00 $10,499.00

This model benefits from having the same hole placement as the Tosca model which allows for better intonation in every register.


Buffet Legende A Clarinet (SALE)

$12,099.00 $10,299.00

The Légende will surprise players with its accurate pitch and immediate response. Its precise and centred tone, characteristic of this new bore concept, brings out a whole spectrum of sound, encompassing the brightest to softest of colouring.

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Buffet RC A Clarinet


The RC model, already the world reference, received a redesign in 2014, benefitting from ten years of acoustical research and development.


Buffet Tosca A Clarinet

$11,699.00 $10,099.00

Endowed with rich harmony and a unique sonority, the Tosca clarinet’s timbre and fullness are exceptional. Its ease of response and flexibility and its high level of comfort are qualities that distinguish it from other clarinets, and that constitute the very essence of this clarinet, one of the R13 line.


Ton Kooiman Maestro 2 Thumb Rest

$475.00 $427.00

The Ton Kooiman Maestro 2 Thumb Rest allows players who desire improved comfort and ergonomics to enjoy their clarinet playing more fully. For those with RSI injury or other concerns, this product can be a game changer in terms of comfort and support.


Yamaha YCL CSGAHL Clarinet (SALE)

$7,499.00 $5,200.00

Yamaha A Clarinet with Hamilton Key work. Yamaha original intonation correction mechanism inspired by the Oehler system (German style) clarinet is available to control low E and F note. This system assures natural finger control, excellent feel and playability.


Yamaha YCL SEARTISTA Clarinet

$8,999.00 $7,199.00

The key posts, joint rings and thumb tubes are plated in elegant pink gold. This not only enhances appearance, but adds to the instrument’s delicate tonality as well.