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Besson Prestige Cornet


Bb, bore .468″ ( 11,89 mm ) Hand-made bell in yellow brass 4.88″ ( 124 mm ) Main tuning slide and 3rd valve slide triggers. Gold-plated finger buttons, caps and water keys.


Yamaha YCR 2610S Eb Cornet (SALE)


The YCR-2610SIII beginner’s Eb cornet has a movable finger hook that can be adjusted for smaller hands and allows the student to learn a correct fluid method of playing.


Yamaha YCR 8335SII Cornet


The Neo cornet range provides a greater breadth of tone and expressive emotion in an enriched sound world. The use of gold brass for the lead-pipe, connection tube and main tuning slide give these cornets a rich, flexible sound and excellent response in the higher register.