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Haynes Q2 Handmade Flute


The Haynes Q2 consists of a Sterling Silver head joint and body with silver plated keys and drawn tone holes.

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Pearl PF795 Brezza Flute

$5,499.00 $3,899.00

Pearl Elegante, open hole with .958 Brezza Headjoint, B foot, C# trill key & D# roller

Secondhand Verne Q Powell Conservatory Handmade Flute


Verne Q Powell CHA9 Conservatory 9K Aurumite, head, body and foot with solid sterling silver keys, drawn holes, solid 9K gold embouchure plate with silver riser. B foot, open holes, split E. French pointed arms, offset G and C# trill, handmade flute.

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Yamaha YFL 677H Flute


This 600 series Professional level flute features a sterling silver headjoint and body with an offset G mechanism and Split-E key


Yamaha YFL 677HCT Professional Hand Crafted Flute

$7,099.00 $6,099.00

Straubinger Phoenix™ Pads offer the same concept as Straubinger™ Pads on our Handmade Flute, and have more suitable design for 700/600 series. The pads offer softer touch, but also superior response, wide dynamic range and tolerance of environmental changes same as Straubinger™ Pads.