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Eastman EAS 451 Alto Saxophone

$3,699.00 $3,299.00

Eastman Intermediate Alto Saxophone. Based on the same scale as our professional instruments, this intermediate model saxophone is appropriate for the advancing student player.

Eastman EAS 652 52nd St Alto Saxophone


The All NEW 52nd Street Alto Saxophone. The 52nd Street saxophone is a professional instrument and comes un-lacquered for a truly vintage appearance. It is an exceptionally responsive horn in all registers and produces a big, fat sound with precise intonation. A larger bell and rolled-style tone holes contribute to the sound qualities of this instrument that many compare to some of the great vintage horns of the past.

Eastman EAS 850 rue Saint Georges DS Alto Saxophone


All New model rue Saint Georges DS Alto Saxophone. Drawing on the style of classic French saxophones, the EAS850 Rue St. Georges model projects a focused, centred sound suited to professional players. The DS mechanism and keywork design revolutionise the way a saxophone feels and plays. Quick and light action leads to precise and elegant playing.


Keilwerth MKX Alto Saxophone

$6,499.00 $4,895.00

The Julius Keilwerth MKX Series marks the next evolution of the saxophone for this historic brand. By combining tonal characteristics of the legendary SX90R along with physical characteristics reminiscent of vintage saxophones, the MKX Series allows the player to have the best of both worlds; a modern sound with a vintage feel.

Key Leaves


The most celebrated saxophone care product in decades, the award winning Key Leaves care product opens saxophone key pads G#, Eb and Low C# to air dry after you play.

Neotech Alto Sax Tone Filter


Neotech’s Sax Tone Filter reduces the volume of air that is allowed through the horn so it is easier to hold good tone even while playing at lower volume. Simply place the Sax Tone Filter snugly in the bell of your instrument at the desired angle.

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Schagerl Superior PRO Model Alto Saxophone


The Schagerl Superior PRO Professional Model Alto is a unique saxophone. After experimenting with many different configurations and mixes of yellow brass, Schagerl discovered a mix which offers unparalleled response.