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Yamaha YBS 480 Baritone Saxophone

$8,999.00 $7,650.00

Players around the world know Yamaha baritone saxophones for their outstanding sound. In the YBS-480 Yamaha refreshes the traditional image of these instruments with powerful yet delicate tone and exceptional playability. The bell configuration and key layout have been revised for more comfortable hold and stable pitch that will be an advantage for first-time baritone sax players.


Yamaha YBS 82 Custom Baritone Saxophone

$17,999.00 $15,299.00

The first baritone saxophone in the Yamaha custom lineup introduces new standards of baritone sax design backed by years of research and development. The YBS-82 responds to the needs of players who are serious about tone, adding mid and high range brilliance to the instrument’s fat baritone low end.

Much more than just a low-part instrument, the YBS-82 has the versatility to take on solo roles as well.

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Yamaha YDS 150 Digital Saxophone

$1,149.00 $1,045.00


The YDS150 digital saxophone brings realistic saxophone playing ergonomics to the ever-expanding world of electronic music production. Featuring 73 built-in sounds and 5 effects borrowed from Yamaha’s iconic range of synth engines, the YDS150 is a must have performance tool for any woodwind instrumentalist looking to expand their horizons. The YDS150 is also MIDI capable through a micro-USB port allowing composer-performers to easily play in MIDI data into their chosen DAW or composing software.


Yamaha YTS 480 Tenor Saxophone

$3,949.00 $3,249.00

Based on the popular YAS/YTS-475 the new YAS/YTS-480 saxophones feature an improved low B-C# connection for better adjustment while the new octave key system (from the 62 Series) facilitates the use of custom necks.