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Eastman ESS 642GL Soprano Saxophone

$3,799.00 $3,399.00

A straight one-piece professional soprano. A very responsive horn with an evenness of tone quality from low to high. Exceptional intonation and solid construction.

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Schagerl Superior Model Soprano Saxophone


Schagerl Superior Model Soprano Saxes offer the player free blowing, even tuning across the instrument. Their versatile tonal range accommodates both the classical and jazz player. This is a great model for those players who enjoy a free blowing responsive instrument whilst still offering the ability to create a dark jazz sound.

Yanagisawa Yany BooStar


Customizing the Yany BooStar will make different timbre and feeling. You can choose the best combination to meet your playing style or music scene.
The Yany BooStar is available for all saxophones soprano to baritone.