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Bach 42BOF Trombone

$7,350.00 $5,599.00

The year 2018 represents a milestone in the history of Vincent Bach. Having started his business in 1918, master craftsman Vincent Bach created a legacy with the introduction of the first Bach trumpets in 1924 and the addition of trombones to the Vincent Bach line around 1928. To celebrate a legacy lasting 100 years, Conn-Selmer and Vincent Bach proudly present the new 42BOF commemorative trombone.


Bach LT42AFGAS Trombone (artist series)

$8,999.00 $6,999.00

Vincent Bach combined his unique talents as both a musician and an engineer to create brass instruments of unequalled tonal quality. Often copied but never duplicated, Bach Stradivarius instruments today remain the sound choice of artists worldwide.


S.E Shires QAlessi Signature Trombone

$4,799.00 $4,319.00

Q series Alessi Trombone

“I’m very excited about the Alessi Q Series which we’ve tested. This instrument features unique parts that are not found anywhere else. It is a wonderful professional line instrument at an affordable price!”-Joseph Alessi, Principal Trombone, New York Philharmonic

S.E. Shires TBMDP Michael Davis + Tenor Trombone

    • MD+ Bell: 7.75-inch, two-piece, hand-hammered MD custom taper in lightweight yellow brass with traditionally brazed seams and soldered bead
    • SY1.5 Tuning Slide: drawn yellow brass
    • T08MD Handslide: .508-inch, lightweight nickel silver, MD cork barrels and narrow right-hand slide brace, yellow-brass crook
    • MD+1.5 Leadpipe in yellow brass
    • Bell Engraving: S.E. Shires Michael Davis model custom engraving
    • Includes S.E. Shires tenor trombone case, mouthpiece, and care kit

S.E. Shires TBSCA Custom Tenor Trombone


The S.E. Shires Custom trombone is a versatile instrument with a clear, pure sound and the consistency, playability, and projection that has made S.E. Shires trombones the favourites of professionals the world over. The unique S.E. Shires 7YLW bell combines the quick response and colour of a one-piece bell with the centred feel and expansive tone of a two-piece bell.

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S.E. Shires TBVE Vintage Elkhart Tenor Trombone


The S.E. Shires Vintage Elkhart trombone is an ideal instrument for any professional musician or advanced student. The red-brass bell with unsoldered bead is made in the fashion of classic, Elkhart bells of the mid-20th century. It produces a rich, warm sound with complex overtones and a wide palette of colours at all dynamic levels. This is combined with the ease of playing and projection for which S.E. Shires instruments are famed.


Yamaha YSL 891Z Trombone

$4,699.00 $3,899.00

Designed with Andy Martin and Wycliffe Gordon, this Custom Z Trombone provides supreme tonal flexibility for the serious jazz trombonist.


Yamaha YSL 897Z Trombone

$4,699.00 $3,995.00

Designed with world-renowned trombonist Andy Martin, the YSL-897Z Custom Z trombone is perfectly suited for a wide variety of performance situations and features two interchangeable lead pipes named Z1 and Z2.