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Bach 190S43 W2 Centennial Trumpet

$7,299.00 $6,199.00

2018 represented a milestone in the history of Vincent Bach manufacturing. Having starting his business in 1918, master craftsman Vincent Bach created a legacy that has continued over the last 100 years. To celebrate this achievement, Bach proudly introduces the new 190S43W2 “Centennial” commemorative Bb trumpet model.

Rare and unique Bach limited edition trumpet.


Bach AC190S C Trumpet

$6,899.00 $4,499.00



Bach “Stradivarius Artisan” – C trumpet, .462″ large bore, 4-13/16″ diameter one-piece hand-hammered bell with flat rim, special acoustic bell treatment, enhanced radius ferrules, Monel pistons, 2 sets of valve guides – brass/plastic, 1st slide split ring, 3rd slide pin stop, 3rd valve tone enhancing ring, deluxe engraving, silver-plate finish, C190DBL deluxe double case, no mouthpiece.


Bach C180SL229CC Trumpet

$6,299.00 $4,995.00

The C180SL229CC “Chicago” C Trumpet features a .462″ large bore, special 25C mouthpipe based on Vincent Bach’s original design, and a lightweight #229 one-piece hand-hammered professional bell with a classic French bead flat rim providing a quick response with outstanding projection and tone.


Bach C180SL229W30 Trumpet

$5,899.00 $4,695.00

Bach “Stradivarius” – Key of C, .462″ large bore, standard weight one-piece hand-hammered yellow brass #229 bell, #25H mouthpipe, Monel pistons, 1st slide thumb saddle, 3rd pin stop, silver-plate finish, Bach 7C mouthpiece, C180C wood shell case.


Bach LT190S1B Trumpet

$6,999.00 $5,599.00

No other brand evokes more passion, loyalty, and respect than Bach Stradivarius. Exceptional tonal colour, balanced response, and superb projection are the hallmarks of designs by Vincent Bach.


Bach TR600 Trumpet

$999.00 $789.00

Bach – .460″ bore, 1st slide thumb hook, red brass leadpipe, stainless steel pistons, plastic two-point valve guides, clear lacquer finish, Bach 7C mouthpiece


Bach VB400 Trumpet

$1,495.00 $1,075.00

Two water-keys‚ nickel-silver tuning slide receivers and trim‚ engraved bell‚ backpack-style case.

S.E. Shires Doc Severinsen Destino III Trumpet


TRDOC The premier S.E. Shires B-flat trumpet, the Destino III has developed through a close collaboration with Doc Severinsen over several years. The Destino III includes several specific design elements not found on other S.E. Shires trumpets. As might be expected, it works outstandingly for jazz and for commercial/popular music. It has also become popular among discriminating classical trumpet players, who find it useful for everything from solo literature to large orchestral works.

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S.E. Shires Model A Trumpet

    • Bore: .459
    • Model A Bell: 4 13⁄16 inch, one piece, hand-hammered “A” (centred) taper in standard-weight yellow brass with traditionally brazed seam and standard bead
    • WH Leadpipe: .347-inch venturi, heavyweight yellow brass—open and free blowing with well defined slots and easy response
    • W Tuning Slide: dual-radius bend, standard water key—strong core, brilliance, and presence of sound
    • Piston Material: hand-lapped Monel
    • Valve Cluster: two-piece casings, standard weight, with nickel-silver balusters
    • Lower Valve Caps: nickel silver
    • Bell Engraving: S.E. Shires makers mark, model designation, and traditional floral pattern
    • Finish: silver plate
    • Includes S.E. Shires single trumpet case, mouthpiece, and care kit

Scherzer 8111S Piccolo Trumpet

$7,799.00 $7,499.00

The J. Scherzer 8111 rotary valve piccolo trumpet in Bb/A allows ease of playing with a warm and comforting sound, ideal for mastering the Baroque trumpet repertoire. (in silver plate)