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Bach AC190S C Trumpet

$6,899.00 $4,499.00



Bach “Stradivarius Artisan” – C trumpet, .462″ large bore, 4-13/16″ diameter one-piece hand-hammered bell with flat rim, special acoustic bell treatment, enhanced radius ferrules, Monel pistons, 2 sets of valve guides – brass/plastic, 1st slide split ring, 3rd slide pin stop, 3rd valve tone enhancing ring, deluxe engraving, silver-plate finish, C190DBL deluxe double case, no mouthpiece.


Bach C180SL229CC Trumpet

$6,299.00 $4,995.00

The C180SL229CC “Chicago” C Trumpet features a .462″ large bore, special 25C mouthpipe based on Vincent Bach’s original design, and a lightweight #229 one-piece hand-hammered professional bell with a classic French bead flat rim providing a quick response with outstanding projection and tone.


Bach C180SL229W30 Trumpet

$5,899.00 $4,695.00

Bach “Stradivarius” – Key of C, .462″ large bore, standard weight one-piece hand-hammered yellow brass #229 bell, #25H mouthpipe, Monel pistons, 1st slide thumb saddle, 3rd pin stop, silver-plate finish, Bach 7C mouthpiece, C180C wood shell case.