ERGOsax Saxophone Support


The general idea of all ERGObrass and also ERGOsax supports is based on a simple fact that all wind instruments are heavy to hold. We all know that relaxation is very important also in soprano saxophone playing.


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Holding the instrument in playing position inevitably produces a static tension especially in right hand and thumb but also in the arm, shoulders, upper body and throat. Typically a player bend his or her head down and play the soprano downwards. This enables the neck strap to carry a part of the weight but the posture is difficult in the long run. Also the bell should be pointing higher to the audience, but then the neck strap does not help at all…

Most players can play with this curved posture and tension, but the tension is always there disturbing the performance.

The real solution for the problems above is simple. Use an ERGOsax support. Stay totally relaxed while playing. In addition to the better efficiency, it is also very comfortable!

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Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 45 × 5 × 15 cm



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