Jody Jazz Mouthpiece Cap


JodyJazz offers a wide selection of Caps to fit their mouthpieces. If you have purchased a POWER RING® Ligature you will require a larger Cap. Use this guide below to determine which Cap you need to accommodate your new POWER RING® Ligature or if you are simply replacing an existing Cap.

Brand:Jody Jazz


Please check the Jody Jazz website for more information of which size is for your mouthpiece.

RAS1 – HR* and Jet Alto Mouthpieces

RTS1 – HR*, Giant and Jet Tenor Mouthpieces

RBS1 – HR*, DV, DVNY, Bass and Jet Baritone Mouthpieces

RBS2 – HRT1 Power Ring Ligature

RBC1 – HRA1 Power Ring Ligature

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