Monette Prana B4 Trumpet Mouthpiece

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Prana Gold Plated B4 Trumpet Mouthpiece


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Prana Series Mouthpieces are the “high performance” version of Monette mouthpieces. While the Classic mouthpieces feel like driving a luxury sedan, Prana mouthpieces are sports cars! The response is faster, the sound is bigger and the upper register is free and easy. Pranas are less forgiving for players who play “tight” and are still holding on to compensations from playing old fashioned, out-of-tune mouthpieces. Players who play aligned and breathe with their entire bodies love Prana mouthpieces! If your upper register is noticeably flat on your old mouthpiece (or when trying a Classic Monette mouthpiece), then a Prana mouthpiece is for you!



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Weight .2 kg
Dimensions 12 × 3 × 3 cm