Vandoren BD5 ser 13 Clarinet Mouthpiece

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Series 13. The perfect balance between a dark, rich, yet compact sound.


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  • The Black Diamond Ebonite mouthpiece features a new internal and external design. It offers the musician a full sound, rich in depth and colour, especially in the upper register of the clarinet.
  • The Bb Black Diamond mouthpiece is also available in 13 Series (American pitch).
  • Adaptation of the BD5 Black Diamond mouthpiece for Boehm Bb clarinet.
  • The BD5 is the first mouthpiece that allows one to play on Bass Clarinet with an embouchure similar to that of a Bb Clarinet.
  • The Black Diamond Ebonite range now includes the Eb and Alto Clarinet.

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Dimensions 12 × 8 × 8 cm