Yamaha YBH 831S Baritone Horn



This is the first Yamaha Baritone to feature a 3-valve compensating system.


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Retaining the traditional Baritone configuration. The YBH-831 includes refinements that are invisible to the eye but make a significant difference in performance.

3-valve compensating system is a traditional baritone type. With an original tubing configuration for improved pitch compensation.

Main tube taper and large bell add clarity and projection to a deep, magnificent baritone timbre.

A new design that offers ideal playing resistance. The leadpipe is not soldered to the bell. This adds natural resonance to the instrument.

Slim valve casings and a hand rest mounted parallel to the valves contribute to a natural, stress-free hand position. Lightweight pistons make the action quick and agile.

Additional information

Weight 8.0 kg
Dimensions 78 × 34 × 42 cm



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