Yamaha YDS 150 Digital Saxophone



The YDS150 digital saxophone brings realistic saxophone playing ergonomics to the ever-expanding world of electronic music production.


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Featuring 73 built-in sounds and 5 effects borrowed from Yamaha’s iconic range of synth engines. The YDS150 is a must have performance tool for any woodwind instrumentalist looking to expand their horizons. The YDS150 is also MIDI capable through a micro-USB port allowing composer-performers to easily play in MIDI data into their chosen DAW or composing software.

A 3.5mm auxiliary input jack and Bluetooth audio receiver makes it easy to play along with your favourite backing tracks. All this delivered through the headphone output or the front-mounted speaker. A soprano saxophone style bell is fitted to the end of the instrument.

In addition to these features, Yamaha has developed a dynamic and intuitive application for both Android and iOS, which allows the player to adapt the instrument’s keywork, expression controls, and responses on-the-fly.

  • Alto saxophone mouthpiece and key layout with customisable fingering
  • Chromatic sampling of Yamaha saxophones
  • 73 built-in instrument sounds
  • Apps for Android/iOS with Bluetooth audio in

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Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 78 × 29 × 21 cm



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