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Besson Prestige Euphonium 2052

$14,799.00 $13,699.00

The Prestige 2052 euphoniums feature the main tuning slide trigger system and unique lead pipe design and are the instruments of choice for many of the world’s professional soloists and band players alike. Silver Plate


Besson Sovereign Euphonium 967T

$13,599.00 $12,499.00

The Sovereign 967T euphonium with its lively response, “classic” BESSON tone and wonderful valve action is known and trusted by players all over the world.


Eastman EEP 526S Euphonium

$6,299.00 $5,669.00

The model EEP526S is an impressive instrument with a warm, dark sound and excellent response. A fully compensating design provides for the finest professional performance in orchestra, wind band, small ensemble and solo performance. Fast, smooth valves are just one example of the detailed, virtually flawless workmanship provided in this instrument. Intonation is superb and overall tone is classic.