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Eastman EBH 311S Baritone Horn

$2,399.00 $2,150.00

A well-made, traditional British baritone. An elegantly designed instrument with light and quick valve action, the EBH311 has solid response qualities throughout its range. Intonation is excellent through to the pedal Bb and natural A.

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Nuvo jHorn


The jHorn provides the opportunity to learn important “brass” skills from as young as 4 years old.


Yamaha YBH 301S Baritone Horn

$2,999.00 $2,975.00

Intermediate Series, Key: Bb, Material: Yellow brass, Valves: 3 top action, Bell:211.4mm (8-3/8″) , Bore: 12.8mm (0.504″), Finish: Silver-plated


Yamaha YBH 831S Baritone Horn

$7,999.00 $6,399.00

This is the first Yamaha Baritone to feature a 3-valve compensating system, and is another example of how advanced Yamaha technology and ideas come together to deliver the sound and playability artists desire. While retaining the traditional Baritone configuration, the YBH-831 includes refinements that are invisible to the eye but make a significant difference in performance.