Buffet Tosca Bass Clarinet



BC1195-2 Its well-focused sound and luminous tone, assisted by a unique new register key system, allows the most demanding musician the ability to play the instrument’s entire repertoire with an exceptional freedom and confidence.

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  • Key :Bb
  • Body :Grenadilla (Dalbergia Melanoxylon)
  • Bore :New Tosca bore Design
  • Tenons :Metal-capped
  • Neck :Synthetic cork on tenon with neck adjusting screw
  • Keys (design) :24 silver-plated with Tosca design
  • Keys (system) :Unique register key system (bright Bb)
  • Keys (system) :Rubber dampers for soundless key action
  • Thumb Key :Adjustable with new thumb key system
  • Keys :New double low D & Eb
  • Pads :Leather, leather with metal resonators, cork


Buffet Crampon

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Weight 11 kg
Dimensions 90 × 45 × 25 cm