Buffet BCXXI Clarinet



BCXXI Two initials and a number, signifying the beginning of a new century. 


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  • An extended lower joint. The strategically placed resonance vent helps to produce low E-flat with a full and vibrant sound. A greatly improved chalumeau register.
  • Shorter bell that serves as a resonator for the entire clarinet.
  • Stable and easy high register due to the elongated bottom joint.
  • Third fingering of Bb middle register creates vibrations in the entire length of the instrument. A full and resonant sound. The new mechanism allows new sequences without changing registers.
  • Balance of the left hand, especially G♯ /C♯, D/A, have been greatly improved.
  • Slightly raised tone hole on D allows a more ergonomic positioning of the left-hand fingers by keeping them on the same horizontal plane.

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Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 20 × 35 × 45 cm


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