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Eastman EBB 431


The model EBB431 is a 4/4 size four-valve BBb tuba. The fourth valve helps with the intonation, tone
and versatility when used in place of the typical one- and three-valve combination. This top-action
instrument is ideal for school and community ensembles that perform more advanced literature.

Eastman EBB 562 Tuba


The model EBB562 is a 4/4 size “Germanic” instrument with four rotary valves and a .748“ bore.
This tuba features a big open sound with good projection. It is the perfect choice for the player that
wants rotary valves, and doesn’t want the larger bore of the EBB623.


Secondhand Meinl Weston Ursus CC Tuba

$26,799.00 $19,999.00

MW3225 The orchestral CC tuba 3225 “Ursus” was developed together with New York Philharmonic orchestra tubist Alan Baer especially for flexibly handling a repertoire that is requiring a more compact instrument than the 6/4 size CC tuba 6450 “Baer”.


Yamaha YBB 105S Tuba

$5,599.00 $4,799.00

The YBB-105S is an excellent choice for younger players, or when budget is a strong consideration. It is lighter weight than more advanced models making it easier to hold and play, but still features a big full sound, and easy response.

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Yamaha YBB 201S Silver Tuba

$7,999.00 $6,399.00

Standard Series, Key: BBb, Material: Yellow brass, Top action valves: 3 pistons, Bell: 443mm (17-1/2″), Bore: 18.5mm (0.728″), Finish: Silver-plate, With convertable leadpipe for marching

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Yamaha YBB 632S Neo Tuba

$16,999.00 $13,599.00

Neo series BBb basses with redesigned body and handrest allow for the most subtly nuanced dynamics and tonal inflections.