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Ton Kooiman Maestro 2 Thumb Rest

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The Ton Kooiman Maestro 2 Thumb Rest allows players who desire improved comfort and ergonomics to enjoy their clarinet playing more fully. For those with RSI injury or other concerns, this product can be a game changer in terms of comfort and support.

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T1 – Trolley with telescopic handle.

TrumCor Lyric Trumpet Mute


Often called “the job saver”, this mute is designed for soft, delicate, lyrical passages found so often in symphonic, wind ensemble and solo literature. Its velvet sound blends well with all instruments. Articulation is responsive and clear, even at the softest dynamic levels.

TrumCor Zinger Trumpet Mute


With the introduction of TrumCor’s latest offering – The Zinger! – everything you thought impossible in a harmon-style mute has now become a reality. Pitch, articulation, slotting, comprehensive range, dynamic projection, and a beautiful sound are now all part of the harmon-style mute dialogue.